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๐Ÿฅ€ # This scripts is edited under the General Public License as defined by the Free software foundation. # This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; It can be used and modified and shared but should be referenced to, it CANNOT be # sold or be used for a commercial-economical purpose. # See the details in the file LICENCE.txt that is situated in the folder of the script or visit http://gplv3.fsf.org/ ) # The discovery of One algorithm used in WPSPIN have been made parallely and previously by zhaochunsheng in a C. script named computepinC83A35. as i don't known C or # programming and found this out after coding the first version of WPS, this bash script doesn't use a dingle line of computepinC83A35. # But it had to be saved that zhaochunsheng found the main algorithm on Chinese access points months before I found it on a new Belkin N router, without knowing it works. # The page of the author is sadly down and i cannot link you to a straight source # This code wouldn't have been possible with the help and advices of antares_145, r00tnuLL and 1camaron1, thanks to them billion a billion time :) # It wouldn't have been possible neither without my beloved lampiweb.com work crew, maripuri, bentosouto, dirneet, betis-jesus, compota, errboricobueno, pinty_102 nad all users # greetings to crack-wifi.com familly, yasmine, M1ck3y, spawn, goliate, fuji, antares has been already credited, koala, noireaude, vances1, konik etc... and all users # greetings to auditoriaswireless.net and thanks to the big chief papones for the hosting and greetings to everybody # This code uses wps reaver that has to be installed on it own, reaver is a free software (http://code.google.com/p/reaver-wps/) (GPL2) by Tactical Network Solutions. Thanks to # them for this amazing work # You also need aircrack-ng, thanks to Mister X and kevin devine for providing the best suite ever (http://www.aircrack-ng.org/) # I would like also to thanks Stefan Viehbock for all is amazing work on wps (http://sviehb.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/wi-fi-protected-setup-pin-brute-force-vulnerability/) HOW TO USE WPSPIN? - Unzip the package that you download < unzip WPSPIN > - once situated in the created folder (cd WPSPIN) launch the script with < bash WPSPIN.sh > REQUIREMENTS If you use WPSPIN as a simple generator no requierement. If you want to enjoy the scan and attack feature you need: - a wireless interface with a chipset compatible with mode monitor - aircrack-ng installed in yout system - WPS reaver installed you can visit crack-wifi.com, lampiweb.com and auditroias-wireless.net to get indormattion and help about WPSPIN and others issues like thiese ones Just follow the script, it is very simple CHANGELOG # 1.1 (10-12-2012) # - Support for PIN beginning with one or several 0 thanks to the data of atim and tresal. # - New MAC supported : 6A:C0:6F (HG566 default ESSID vodafoneXXXX ) # 1.2 (12/12/2012) # - Fixed output bugs in backtrack and other distributions # - Added support to the generic default PIN known # 1.3 (23/01/2013) # - New supported devices: # - 7 bSSID vodafoneXXXX (HG566a) > 6A:3D:FF / 6A:A8:E4 / 6A:C0:6F / 6A:D1:67 / 72:A8:E4 / 72:3D:FF / 72:53:D4 # - 2 bSSID WLAN_XXXX (PDG-A4001N de adbroadband) > 74:88:8B / A4:52:6F # - 2 new models affected: # 1) SWL (Samsung Wireless Link), default ESSID SEC_ LinkShare_XXXXXX. 2 known affected BSSID > 80:1F:02 / E4:7C:F9 # 2) Conceptronic c300brs4a (default ESSID C300BRS4A ) 1 BSSID known > 00:22:F7 # - Rules to check the validity of the mac address (thanks r00tnuLL and anteres_145 for your codes) # - More filter for some case where several default ssid are possible,check the difference between ssid and bssid for FTE for possibles mismatch... # - More information displayed when a target is selected # - Display and colours problems are definitively solved for all distributions, one version # - Rewriting of code (tanks to r00tnuLL, antares_145, goyfilms and 1camron1 for their advices and feed back) # 1.4 ( 22/05/2013) # - Complete Rewriting of code to provide new functions: # - Multi language # - A automated mode using wash and reaver # - Interfaces management (automatic if only one interface is present, acting as filter if no mode monitor is possible to reduce options) # - New supported bssid # - 2 news bssid for FTE-XXXX (HG532c) 34:6B:D3 and F8:3D:FF # - 17 new bssid for vodafone HG566a # 62:23:3D 62:3C:E4 62:3D:FF 62:55:9C 62:7D:5E 62:B6:86 62:C7:14 6A:23:3D 6A:3D:FF 6A:7D:5E 6A:C6:1F 6A:D1:5E 72:3D:FF 72:53:D4 72:55:9C 72:6B:D3 72:A8:E4 # - New supported devices ( 9 models ) # - TP-LINK > TD-W8961ND v2.1 default SSID TP-LINK_XXXXXX 3 known bssids ; F8:D1:11 B0:48:7A 64:70:02 # - EDIMAX > 3G-6200n and EDIMAX > 3G-6210n bssid ; 00:1F:1F defaukt SSID : default # - KOZUMI > K1500 and K1550 bssid : 00:26:CE # - Zyxel > P-870HNU-51B bssid : FC:F5:28 # - TP-LINK TP-LINK_XXXXXX TL-WA7510N bssid : 90:F6:52: # - SAGEM FAST 1704 > SAGEM_XXXX bssid : 7C:D3:4C: # - Bewan iBox V1.0 > one bssid 00:0C:C3 for two ssids with different defaukt PIN > DartyBox_XXX_X and TELE2BOX_XXXX
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