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Simple BlockChain DEMO in Python I demonstrated the concept of a blockchain that powers almost all of the modern cryptocurrencies is very simple at its core. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc all are based on this blockchain technology. Many people think that the blockchain is a complicated thing while at it's core its just a clever use case of hashes

Bismuth 🌿
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[Migrated] The first Python blockchain protocol and platform

Bismuth 🌿
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[Released] Core Node of Bismuth - The first Python blockchain protocol and platform

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Syscoin is a crypto currency that is universally merge-mineable and offers a unique variety of services including decentralized identities, marketplaces and certificate management, escrow, asset token issuance platform capabilities directly on the blockchain.


This repository contains the DevHack2.0 Hackathon Project on Blockchain where we use technologies related to blockchain like Ethereum, Solidity and Web3 to come up with a platform where two people can exchange Ethers(more generalised any cryptocurrency) is a secure manner.

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Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree


Docker image with private custom node for Waves Platform. Available on Docker Hub:


The Solareum project has taken it upon itself to transform Puerto Rico into a solar-powered island. The chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, Mr. Brock Pierce was present at the recently held Restart week in Rincon. Addressing a crowd made up of crypto enthusiasts, investors and students, innovators and more, Mr. Pierce stated that his solar project for the Puerto Rico people is solely on a philanthropic basis. The entire crowd applauded his initiative and his love for the nation. The CMO of Solareum, Justin Lally said that: “Brock is the reason I am here, his passion for the island, people and what can be accomplished here, this trip will be a game changer in many ways. As a business partner and longtime friend of Mr. Pierce, intentions are beyond genuine, and we are set to make this a fully self-sustainable island.” With Pierce’s passion for Puerto Rico, Lally is convinced that the team could achieve great things in the island nation. “Actions speak louder than words, which offers solar panels all over the world, Solareum will have them installed and ready to give back power for free. Solareum is going to join the cryptocurrency community at the end of June and will be traded on various Exchanges. The token will be traded under the symbol SLRM,” Lally said, adding “Could you imagine if there was solar power prior to the hurricane, the island would bounce back in record time. So Solareum is going to join Mr. Pierce and other innovators that are looking to revamp the island, for the betterment of the people of the people and the island.” Everyone was quite impressed by Mr. Lally’s speech. He also reiterated that: “Solareum is the first of its kind. As you can see on the website, Mr. Pierce and I, only have the best intentions for this island, so over the course of the rest of the year, we will be donating solar panels to key areas, so no one goes without power for weeks on end as they previously have, ever again.” The Solareum project is focused on providing the world with clean, renewable energy products. It offers both P2P and B2B business models. Solareum is open to partnerships, and its blockchain system fosters trust and reliability. For more information visit Whitepaper: Twitter : LinkedIn: Instagram: Email: [email protected]


Nanopledge is a 0% fee crowdfunding platform that leverages cryptocurrency as a means for people to fund campaigns without the need for expensive payment processing and credit card fees. My team won Hophacks, Johns Hopkins hackathon, best blockchain hack with this.

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Dru - blockchain analysis platform

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