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๐Ÿ‚ spec-alpha2
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๐Ÿ‚ core.logic
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๐Ÿ‚ instaparse
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instaparse Similar
๐Ÿ‚ clojure/core.match
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    3 days ago
    containership/konstellate (Reached 1000 โญ)
    Free and Open Source GUI to Visualize Kubernetes Applications.
    6 days ago
    containership/konstellate (Reached 500 โญ)
    Free and Open Source GUI to Visualize Kubernetes Applications.
    4 days ago
    myfreeweb/clj-http-fake (Reached 100 โญ)
    Helper for faking clj-http requests.
    2 days ago
    vvvvalvalval/supdate (Reached 100 โญ)
    Clojure's update with superpowers.
    3 days ago
    vvvvalvalval/supdate (Reached 50 โญ)
    Clojure's update with superpowers.
    EwenG/badigeon (Reached 50 โญ)
    A Clojure build library based on tools.deps.
    21 hours ago
    BrunoBonacci/graalvm-clojure (Reached 50 โญ)
    This project contains a set of "hello world" projects to verify which Clojure libraries do actually compile and produce native images under GraalVM.
    2 days ago
    fbellomi/crossclj (Reached 50 โญ)
    CrossClj: cross-referencing the Clojure(Script) universe
    5 days ago
    stuartsierra/ (Reached 25 โญ)
    Quick-start logging setup for Java or Clojure development
    45 minutes ago
    erdos/stencil (Reached 25 โญ)
    templating engine for DOCX and PPTX files

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