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Use FFmpeg Encode Images to an video

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Library for Android Camera 1 and 2 APIs. Massively increase stability and reliability of photo and video capture on all Android devices.

ffmpeg-ruby πŸ‚
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Ruby interface to the ffmpeg C library. It is able to extract images from videos but do not allow to encode full video.

usb_cam πŸ‚
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Use linuxtv.org video grabber example using libv4l to capture images from a USB camera on the Beaglebone Black (BBB) running Debian Linux. Also, a small python script is provided to convert PPM images to JPG format

i.Q 🌿
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IN TRUTH preferring A "FIRST FOCUS ON A "FUTURE PROOF" "SEMPER GUMBI" "ALWAYS FLEXIBLE" DYNAMIC W3C ECMA IEEE ORG ASM IP TCP HTTPS SSL TSL OPENSSL C C++ DLL EXE SRC CODE FLASH BIOS CLONEZILLA PENDRIVELINUX BYOos DIYos PORTABLE OS FREE OPEN SECURITY CONSCIOUS PRIVACY INSTISTENT POLICING THE POLICE MENTALITY TRUST NO ONE BUT G_D META TAG SQL DRIVER IEEE OPENRESTY eNGINeX NGINX LUA LOVE2D SOLAR2D JAVASCRIPT HTML CSS PNG FLAC COMMON GUI MVC +++ PATTERNS REAL CHILDREN REAL GRANDMOTHERS REAL WOMEN AWARE EXTENSIBLE STANDARD CHIP INSTRUCTION SET, BIG NUMBER SET USING ALL THE UNIQUE HASHES AND B64 URL ENCODED VALUES OF ALL THE CORRESPONDING LOSSLESS PNG IMAGES AND FLAC AUDIO SOUNDS KNOWN TO 'US' 'ALL' ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE, AND A HTML-IMAGE-MAP-BASE-CONTROL-ELEMENT-LIKE "THINKING" "APPROACH" SQL DATA BOUND TO DEFINED DYNAMIC LUA CALLABLE FUNCTIONS TO EMBEDDED ASSEMBLY ROUTINES OR DIRECT HARDWARE SWITCHES TO SAY GO RUN THIS FUNCTION AFTER THIS "EVENT" OCCURED AT THIS X,Y PIXEL POSITION ON ANY SCREEN'S COORDINATE SYSTEM USING IMAGE-MAP COMPLEX X1,Y1 to X2,Y2 to X3,Y3 POINT PATH POLYGONAL AREAS ATTACHED TO "EVENTS" STANDARDIZED AND SQL ASSOCIATED WTIH A MASSIVE INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL COMMON SHARED INTEREST REUSABLE NON-PROPRIETARY GUI TRANSPARENT IMMEDIATE MODE GUI PNG LOSSLESS IMAGES OF EVERY CONCEIVABLE TYPE OF GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE CONTROL AUDIO SOUND AND GRAPHICAL IMAGE FROM A SPACE COCKPIT TO AN AUTOMOBILE TO A MOTOR CYCLE TO A TOASTER OVEN TO A MOBILE PHONE AND DESKTOP TO A DRIVE IN THEATRE SCREEN A COMMON SET OF HUGE BUT RESIZEABLE TO SMALL PNG BEAUTIFUL PRE-STYLED SAVED PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES ALL MORGUEFILE.COM MORGUEFILE LICENSED TO ALL FOR FREE WITH "ATTRIBUTION CREDIT AS IS TRUTH AS IS GOOD AND HONORABLE" WITH AN OPEN IMAGE AND SOUND FILE LICENSE FOR RESOURCES JUST LIKE ALL CODE SHOULD BE UNDER A SIMPLE NO BS LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO FILTH JUST KNOWN AND STANDARD MIT LICENSE OPEN SOURCE NO-GPL-RESTRICTIONS PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION for all poor children too everywhere INDUSTRY AGREED UPON MANUFACTURER "AND" HARDWARE "ENGINEER" AGREED UPON STANDARD CHIP INSTRUCTION SET, COMMON HUGE RASTER SET OF TRANSPARENT "STYLED" GUI IMAGE SET THAT HAVE ALL "EVENTS" EASILY ATTACHABLE USING KNOW HTML JS CSS STYLE ATTRIBUTE EVENT W3C MODELS AS WELL AS WxWidgets ETC BUT USING IMAGES THAT CAN BE SCALED DOWN FROM A THEATRE SIZED .PNG IMAGE FOR "REAL WORLD" "DRIVE IN MOVIE VIEWING SIZED SCREENS" DOWN TO A SMALL PHONE SCREEN KEEPING ABSOLUTE LOSSLESS GRAPHICAL RESOLUTION IN TACT THUS A HUGE COMMON SHARED REPOSITORY OF ALL KINDS OF "CHECKBOX" "RADIO BUTTONS" "BUTTONS" "CALENDARS" "TEXTBOXES" "DATAGRIDS" COULD BE CONSTRUCTED BY REDRAWING PNG IMAGES AND ATTACHING THE CORRESPONDING STYLES ATTRIBUTES AND EVENT BINDINGS AS NECESSARY AT THE GEM OS GUI LUA IMMEDIATE GOOEY G.U.I. "GSPOT" THINKING LEVEL BUT INSTEAD OF USING LUA USING ACTUAL BOOLEAN LOGIC CIRCUIT DESIGNED IN LOGIC REPEATING THE SAME DATABASE LOOKUPS JUST FAST AS LIGHTENING beCAUSE 'we' CAN DO TOGETHER more than any 1 can ever do alone UNITED WE ARE STRONG divided we are weak LOVE YOU I DO Oh how I LOVE 'you' AND HUGE DATA SCIENCE NUMBER BASE NOT JUST SILLY "DOUBLE" "LONG" OR "REAL" OR "DECIMAL" BUT REAL REALLY REAL G_D CONSIDERING SOMEWHAT LARGE WORTHY OF A NUMBER AND NUMBER BASE THINKING intellectual TIME TO RE-THINK SOME THINGS AT THE BASE level using A HUGE UNCOUNTABLE ALWAYS INCREASING NUMBER OF UNIQUE IMAGES WORLDIWIDE EVERYWHERE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST PIXEL CHANGE IN ANY IMAGE ANYWHERE IS A NEW "HASH" UNIQUE VALUE MATHEMATICALLY SPEAKING SO THINK BIG REALLY BIG BIGGER THAN THAT AND CONSTRUCT A HUGE KEY/VALUE EMBEDDEDABLE ONBOARD AN SSD CHIP "DATABASE" LOOKUP TABLE OF ALL KNOWN REAL WORLD UNIQUE IMAGE HASHES AND BASE 64 URL ENCODED VALUES MAPPED AS KEY/VALUES IN EMBEDDED FAST NON-VOLATILE STORAGE SSD +++ FAST SSD STORAGE CHIPS NTIER HARDWARE LEVEL EXPERTISE SPEED PERFORMANCE MEASURING using MULTIPLE OS "LOOPS" fast immediate RTOS REAL TIME LOOKUPS TO HUGE MULTITERABYTE SSD "THICK" CHIPS EASILY DOABLE FOR THOSE I THE KNOW WITH A MIND TO DO SO AND WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE GOOD INCREDIBLY BETTER AND TO COMPRISE A SINGLE SYSTEM OF MULTIPLE Operating Systems COMMUNICATING FASTER THAN FAST VIA HARDWARE AWARE OF THEIR "REAL NEEDS" AT THE KERNEL HARDWARE LAYER OF ABSTRACTION TO MAKE IT A GOOD SOFTWARE K.I.S.S. USING STANDARD SQL-BASED ONE AGREED UPON "STANDARD" MULTILANGUAGE C-BASED COMPILER ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL KNOWN CHIPSETS TO BE SUPPORTED meaning X64 + X86 + ARM ASSEMBLER, CHIP INSTRUCTION SET, MAX CHIP INTERNAL SETTINGS, AND FOCUS FIRST to develop worldwide with all the 'blessed' ones' incredible PUREHEART IN TRUTH 'minds' 'souls' MOST IMPORTANT TO REALIZE HOW SPECIAL EACH 'soul' is having an 'easter' 'egg' 'blessing' hidden in each soul making it VERY IMPORTANT to look after the least among 'us' for 'you' know not where the 'EASTER EGG' is hidden in who's 'soul' as our CREATOR the MASTER PROGRAMMER of us 'all' our very 'soul' a 'piece of code' to OUR CREATOR hid EASTER EGG blessings in every soul for each to search and find their WAY in LIFE with G_D so it is UP TO 'US" ALL TO NURTURE EACH CHILD TO GIVE THEIR "SEED" THEIR "BLESSING" FERTILE, SAFE, HEALTHY "FIRM" "FEELING" "WARM" "NUTRITIOUS" "LEARNED" "OPPORTUNISTIC" "SUPPORTIVE" "FERTILE" "POSITIVE" ROOM TO GROW INTO A "BEAUTIFUL 'FRUIT-FILLED' TREE OF LIFE" my LOVE MAKE A WAY STRONGER FASTER MORE EFFICIENT, SUCCINCT, TIME-TESTED, BATTLE-HARDENED, PROVEN S.O.P. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR CHIP DESIGNING AND GUI RE-USE VIA EMBEDDED SSD MASS NON-VOLATILE STORAGE FOCUSING FIRST AND FOREMOST ON A STANDARD FOR ALL CHIPS IEEE-SUPPORTED "FINALLY" "INTERNATIONAL FOR REAL GOING WAY Way way BACK" BACK TO BASICS ASCII-ENCODING-OF-MASS-DATA-HASH-UNIQUE-ID-BASE64URLVALUE JAVASCRIPT/HTML COMMON CSS STYLE PNG TRANSPARENCY XCF GIMP LAYERED IMAGE AWARE MORE HUMAN LESS ARTIFICIAL FULL INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR ON-BOARD EVERYTHING +++ NTIER LAYERS OF MULTIPLE OS EMBEDDED AMULETtechnologies.com GEM OS - like DYNAMICALLY REMOTELY RE-FLASHABLE STANDARD INSTRUCTION SET SDK API TCP/IP HTTP(S) OPEN SSL +++ QUANTUM CIPHER READY ONBOARD CHIP INSTRUCTION SET MAX NUMBER OF CPU REGISTRERS MAX SIZE OF CPU REGISTERS +++ MAX NUMBER OF DDR SLOTS MAX NUMBER OF PCI "OLD SCHOOL TURTLE BEACH BACK IN THE DAY' SOUND CARD SLOTS MAX HDMI SLOTS MAX RAM ETC SET MAX LIMITS GO FROM THERE ALLOWING BLANK INSTRUCTION REFERENCES FOR FUTURE EXENSIONS AND USE SQL PLEASE TO SEPARATE AND EMBED FIRST ALL THE KNOWN UNIQUE BINARY IMAGES LIKE .PNG IMAGES RASTERIZED ALL THE UNIQUE IMAGES NOT JUST THE UNIQUE UNICODE CHARACTER SET WHICH TELLS ONLY BUT A FRACTION OF THE "WHOLE HUMAN EXISTENCE STORY" IN "IDEA" "A PICTURES SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS" VERY HUGE NUMBER BASE THEN WE CAN KEEP TALKING BUT DO THAT STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE HUGE IMAGE UNIQUE ID SET AND ALL INSTRUCTIONS STANDARDIZED WITH MAX "EVERYTHING YOU NEED ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT CHIP DESIGN" beLOVEd 'bleesed' 'gift'ed one I LOVE FOCUS FIRST ON A STANDARD INSTRUCTION SET FOR ALL CHIPS TO STANDARDIZE UPON WITH AN ABSOLUTELY HUGE NUMBER BASE FOCUS" AND "AMULET" "ON CHIP GEM OS" 'thinking' using "COMMON IMMEDIATE GUI" "PNG" "MODS-styles" "EVENTS" WITH GOOD UNDERSTANDABLE K.I.S.S. "DYNAMIC" SQL-BASED "FUNCTION CALL SEQUENCE" "STACK" ENVIRONMENT USING RE-INTERPRETING RE-COMPILING RE-FLASHING DYNAMIC function call stack sequences returned by "STANDARD" S.Q.L. QUERIES, interpreter/compiler/assembler executable path, function,code +'version' data fields over .dll's and recompiling using A SQLite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Transfer_Object D.T.O. Data Transfer Object 'paradigm'. MORE DYNAMIC MODERN POWERFUL SQL CREATE DROP INSERT UPDATE DELETE TRUNCATE SELECT Database Command SQLite APPROACH over a XML, JSON, etc. plain text 'file formats' FILE BASED APPROACH as both a document container meaning the entire html file with her .flac lossless audio files, her .png transparent lossless image files, her css class style files, js, sql.js and other libraries of javascript function files along with any other files all wrapped up in a single database file that standard code can easily extract and make the 'onload' event much more modern, succinct, standard, understandable, extensible, maintainable, accessible and better than today, even just using SQLite as intended for 'data' to be inserted into the above mentioned js and css and html as values SELECTed from a database, or as a network transport where the function 'args' input arrays become a single .SQLITE3.db file containing all the input even huge multi-gigabyte arrays of audio and images and texts all in one single function call containing but a path/url to a large .SQLITE3 file, or a client (think SQL.js by the AMAZING EMSCRIPTEM serious 'hero' Alon Zakai kripken https://github.com/emscripten-core/emscripten or server-side state management system, and generally SQLite3 tables are as we all know the ultimate backend and hence base for all wrappers for any objects, libraries, code, etc. like a .LOVE file just an incredible .zip file with added functionality type of 'thinking' so consider this a 'seed' from which you 'blessed' 'kind' beLOVEd one in TRUTH with most PUREHEART will grow a new 'tree' of LIFE for future generations to establish a COMMON-GUI-REPOSITORY to standardize element-attribute-style-event-function-sql-tcp-ip-udp-http(s)+++ between all languages and implementing real-world code incorporating multiple Multi-Platform-Desktop-Web-Browser-JS-and-LUA-org-to- 'in the end' ON-BOARD-EMBEDDED-SQLITE3-ON-CHIP-sacred-FASTER-than-fast- 're-flashing or updating its own embedded SQLite database containing ALL THE ACTUAL DYNAMICALLY CALLABLE AND LOADABLE LUA (etc) FUNCTIONS AND LIBRARIES as WELL AS ALL THE .PNG and .FLAC, IMAGE AND AUDIO FILES, TO BE USED AS Graphical User Interface "RESOURCES" to make for some 'real' GOOD DISRUPTive-INNOVATION for our most worthy, young, future generations of most PUREHEART in TRUTH highly intelleQtual, creative, cool, inventive GOOD Q.I.D.s LIFTED UP by GOOD K.I.D.s with most PUREHEART so they have something just like AMULETtechnolgies-com G.E.M. OS SEPARATION OF THE GRAPHICAL "DRAWING" INTO ITS OWN FASTER THAN ANY OS "LOOP" CLOSER TO THE MACHINE TO THE HARDWARE coded by those 'we all know are so very intelligent and 'kind' kind of DEVELOPERS of CUSTOM GUI CONTROLs for any device, language, operating system, video card, sound card so our 'children in the future' have a faster than fast MACHINE-OS-APP-BROWSER-to-GEM-to-Video-to-Sound-Cards-SYSTEM-level-FUNCTION-LIBRARY 'standard, powerful, full system-level access' amd STANDARD POWERFUL FULL SYSTEM AT THE HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE LEVEL SERIOUS HARDCORE DEEP THOUGHTFUL AND MUST BECOME SECOND NATURE WIDELY UNDERSTOOD KNOWLEDGE TO HELP ALL LEARN AND REUSE YOUR THOUGHTFUL KNOWLEDGE most KIND GOOD beLOVED 'blessed' 'maintainers' of STANDARD, POWERFUL, SYSTEM-LEVEL ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL AND RESPONSIBLY AND TIMELY MAINTAINED SUPPORTED HTML WEB Graphical User Interface GUI PARADIGM MODEL WAY using OPEN SOUCE C, LUA and much thanks to the GNU C GCC, LUA AND SQLITE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITIES that will run on all desktops including LINUX pathX /i.Q/ MAC pathX and WINDOWS pathW c:\i.Q\ and the same JS GUI can be used to make http(s) network calls to remote web servers' SYSTEM FUNCTION LIBRARIES that thanks to AMULET GEMstudio PRO can re-use HARDWARE FASTER THAN FAST ON-CHIP ON-BOARD REAL DIRECT VIDEO CARD SOUND CARD TO HARDWARE EMBEDDED SQLITE DATABASE INTERACTING WITH HARDWARE RE-FLASHABLE UPDATEABLE LUA OR C K.I.S.S.y k.i.s.s.y LOVEy DOVEy MOST PLAYFUL YET MOST POWERFUL the same HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT web GUI as the VERY GOOD MOST EASILY STANDARDIZABLE VIA AN http://AMULETtechnologies.com HARDWARE DEVELOPER AMULET GUI CONTROL DEVELOPER API REGISTRATION FOR INFRAGISTICS AND TELERIK etc GUI CONTROL DEVELOPERS and an http://AMULETtechnologies.com SOFTWARE DEVELOPER REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR ALL SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS AND WEB DEVELOPERS TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS NATIVE SYSTEM CALLS SECURELY beCAUSE "AMULETtechnologies.com OBJECTIVELY has already 'verified' each of the 'developers' so they know who is who in the zoo so to speak" and all of 'us' more and less technical most PUREHEART in TRUTH here with 'us' all, YOUNG and OLD alike, can enjoy a web, desktop or mobile app VIRTUAL FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD 3D "LOOK" and "FEEL" DRIVE THROUGH with the real you and me ... G_D IS WITH US ... GOOD IS COMING ... PROMISE ... TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN ... Isaiah ... Matthew 18:3 ... Blessed are the PUREHEART for they shall see G_D. Matthew 5:8 ... "Your 'gift' little drummer boy given out of the simple desperation of a PURE LOVE is the one favored above all." ... Little Drummer Boy - The 'Gift' of LOVE 1968 ... THE POWER OF YOUR INTENTIONS ... TRUTHstreamMedia ... TINNA TINH "REMOVE NEGATIVE ENERGY" ... DRUKMO GYAL "GREEN TARA" ... NO DIGGITY. NO DAP. ... GIRLS GENERATION "GEE" ... GIRLS GENERATION "WE BRING THE BOYS OUT" ... NELLY "BATTER UP" ... MURPHY LEE "WHAT DA' HOOK GON' BE?" ... PUREHEART ... KEEP YOUR PUREHEART ... THAT'S THE HOOK ... YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT ... PROMISE ... Did I mention my name is on the wall at Naval Justice School, Newport, Rhode Island, ameriQa? ... See you back 'home' ... PROMISE ... I AM N.A.F.F. Not A FuQQinQ Fan of 'app stores' 'controlling' what 'apps' are 'okay' and what 'apps' are not 'okay' so jQke'em if they can't taQe a fuQQ ... cQunt me Qut ... pass ... I'll pass ... web is fine ... desktop is fine ... no need to install using your 'app store' FILTHY 'filter' of the 'CHILDren' of 'darkness' ... RIGHT Arch Bishop Vigano 'CHILDREN OF DARKNESS' ... FILTHY! MONSTER! ... pass ... please wegro ... I'll take a pass ... pass I AM OUT ... takinQ a pass ... FREE, OPEN, TRUTH, PUREHEART 'apps' 'opinions' ONLY no 1/2 TRUTH 1/2 HEART fake TRUTHtians wel.com ... AMULET directly to LUA to C or AMULET to JavaScript to LUA to C as GUI FrontEnd; LUA C +++ as Logic MiddleWare; SQLite as Data BackEnd. You know what I AM getting at, RIGHT? MATTHEW 18:6 ... JOHN 15:1-22 ... MATTHEW 15:9 ... MATTHEW 18:3 ... EZEKIEL 3:17 ... MATTHEW 5:8 ... cool. WORD. Love ya' bye. ENTERTAIN NO DOUBT. We are many. We are GOOD. We are coming. GOOD IS COMING and G_D IS WITH US. PROMISE. MATTHEW 5:8. PUREHEART. MATTHEW 18:3. Do you believe in coincidences? My grandfather's father, my great-grandfather, John Edgar Flaherty, was born 1883 December 25 and his mother was named Mary and his father's name was Joseph ... My first son, John Edgar Flaherty V, was born on my grandfather, John Edgar Flaherty Jr's birthday, July 13. My grandfather, John Edgar Flaherty Jr, served in the U.S. Army 'reluctantly' and was sent as a 'medic' driving Harley Davidson sidecar motorcycles to protect the PUREHEART PILIPINAs in Leyte, Philippines. On November 10, 2020, I celebrated my 30th anniversary with a GOOD HEARTED WOMAN sing it Waylon from the Philippines and her mother lived in Leyte, Philippines WAY back then when I was just a 'twinkle' in G_D's eyes, my mom's eyes and my dad's eyes. ... The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. ... Bigger than you can imagine. ... PUREHEART ... PURE CRYSTALLINE LAUGHTER ... LOVE ONE ANOTHER ... I AM so very proud of the community of software engineers, developers, and other titles 'they' call 'us' beCAUSE you are in TRUTH with most PUREHEART most generous and exactly the kind of GO-GETTERS I AM looking for my new GET US BACK TO HEAVEN project ... slowest runner in the front of the line ... double time ... WE ALL FINISH ... NO ONE LEFT BEHIND ... EVERYONE FINISHES THE 'RUN" ... "FEEL ME" ... "I SEE YOU" ... THANK YOU ALL ... MOST HUMBLE AND GREAT ... you are the "kind" kind I like ... For the record, I, John Edgar Flaherty IV, was born 1968 August 12. JOHN 15:1-22. Respectfully, John Edgar Flaherty IV "MAKE A WAY"

134283 C libraries
(42979 libraries)
(175367 libraries)
(95255 libraries)
(39587 libraries)
(46113 libraries)
(87577 libraries)
(30065 libraries)
(50713 libraries)
(20880 libraries)
(16740 libraries)
(46311 libraries)
(21673 libraries)
(238727 libraries)
(25730 libraries)
(43654 libraries)
(152443 libraries)
(245776 libraries)
(120731 libraries)
(28403 libraries)
(184279 libraries)
(134282 libraries)
(80048 libraries)
(141555 libraries)
(12651 libraries)
(100314 libraries)
(138748 libraries)
(256794 libraries)
(457367 libraries)
(17525 libraries)
(9877 libraries)
(15266 libraries)
(52858 libraries)
(4208 libraries)