4 days ago
    A transparent ui-block detection library for Android. (known as BlockCanary)
    2 days ago
    keybase/client (Reached 5000 ⭐)
    Keybase Go Library, Client, Service, OS X, iOS, Android, Electron
    3 days ago
    rmtheis/android-ocr (Reached 2000 ⭐)
    Experimental optical character recognition app
    4 days ago
    vipulasri/TicketView (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    An Android library to implement TicketView in android with normal, rounded and scallop corners
    6 days ago
    taka-no-me/android-cmake (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    CMake toolchain file and other scripts for the Android NDK
    3 days ago
    richtr/NoSleep.js (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    Prevent display sleep and enable wake lock in any Android or iOS web browser.
    1 day ago
    Periodic callbacks in the background for both IOS and Android
    2 days ago
    stripe/stripe-android (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Stripe Android SDK
    1 day ago
    olucurious/PyFCM (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Python client for FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging (Android, iOS and Web)
    4 days ago
    cortinico/slidetoact (Reached 500 ⭐)
    A simple 'Slide to Unlock' Material widget for Android, written in Kotlin 🦄